St Andrew’s Old School

Material provided by the late Richard Miller

After a proposal was made by Lancashire County Council to close St Andrew’s school, the school governors and parishioners got together and made a sustained appeal with a stated case against closure supported by a signed petition.  A folder containing copies of all the documents was compiled by a parishioner – the late Joe Miller – who was the father of the above named Richard.

As time has now moved-on by nearly 25 years there is little point in providing all the details but the folder contains some photographs or, to be more accurate, photostats of photographs.  While it is a great pity that the originals do not appear to be around anymore it is still worthwhile publishing the copies for their intrinsic and historical value.

Despite efforts to enhance quality of the photostats there is obviously a lack of detail but, hopefully, they will still evoke some fond memories for people who were connected with the school in its heyday – with all of 20 pupils and two teachers!

Pupils at the old school circa 1957 courtesy of John Boothby
The names John recalls are — from the top down, left to right:
Andrew Rimmer; Marlene Kellett; John Cookson;  Ruth Holden; Jeremy ?
Miss ?; Andrew Ainsworth; David Plater; Teddy Mackle; Terry Jagger; John Boothby; Peter Ainsworth; Bernard Rimmer;
Miss Dobson (Headteacher)
Bernard Ainsworth; Alice Cookson; Alan Walsh; Len Rogerson; Pat Nickson;  Eileen Reynolds; Kevin Bilsborrow; Sylvia Wilson
 ? Coupe; Pat Healey; Mary-Rose Denley; Elsie Wallbank; Angela Singleton; Susan Barnes; Margaret Reynolds; Joyce McMahon
? Coupe; ? Walsh>; Andrew Martin;  Graham McMahon; Chris Singleton