Cottam Chapel in Penal Times

The church of St Andrew and Blessed George Haydock at Cottam,
Preston, is that very rare thing, a Catholic church whose origins date back
to the days when it was illegal to be a Catholic.

Dr Bill Shannon has written a book which celebrates all those people who kept the faith alive on this spot, in particular the Haydock family of Cottam Hall, and Fr Baines and the other priests who trained abroad and risked persecution and death on the English Mission.

For anyone interested in local history and the Catholic church then the book is a must.

It is available to purchase once again directly from Dr Shannon for only £5.

Profits from the book, which have already exceeded £1,000 are donated to the parish of St Andrew & Blessed George Haydock.

Please email to order your copy.

“Local history at its best….plenty of background, plenty of documentary evidence for what the author is saying, plenty of illustrations.
His coverage of the changes in attitudes to Roman Catholicism is particularly appreciated
Wish I could write local history as well as this.