Metanoia Group During Lockdown

Following the suspension of all our groups and events (except the Wednesday DropIn) we have been finding ways to help people stay connected and continue to nourish their faith. Here are a few things already up and running:

Facebook: If you have Facebook please send us a friend request to ‘Metanoia Preston’ On our news feed you will find regular posts that include new worship songs to listen to, links to other good initiatives around the Church and even a video on making a time capsule for looking back on this time in a few years. We are also providing a daily scripture reflection group on Facebook where you can reflect on the daily Gospel and leave your own thoughts, reflections and questions, or just read what others have said. You will find the group here: Metanoia Project ‘The God Who Speaks’ Scripture Reflection Group   

YouTube: Please visit and subscribe to our YouTube Channel ‘metanoiapreston’ On there you will find music, talks and other videos to which we will be adding over the next few weeks

Children and Young People: We are posting out correspondence to the young people who attend our youth groups, including crafts and ways to feel connected whilst we are apart. If you would like something mailing to your child / young person please get in touch. 07957 566741  

Website: If you have some free time why not check out our website to see what we usually get up to and ways you might want to get involved once we can gather together again. There are links for all of the above there too!

If you have any other ideas about what might help you during this time, please let us know.


God bless