Newsletter – First Sunday of Advent – 28th/29th November 2020

First Sunday of Advent Vigil Mass
Online 5:30pm Saturday 28th November 2020


Saturday28th November 2020First Sunday of Advent
People of the Parish
Vigil Mass Online at 5:30pm
Sunday29th November 2020First Sunday of Advent
Ann Bullock (6858)
Monday30th November 2020St Andrew
Noel Fox (6859)
Tuesday1st December 2020Joe McCann (6860)
Wednesday2nd December 2020PUBLIC MASS RESUMES
9:15am – St Andrew’s
Joe & Mary Houghton (sick) (6986)
Thursday3rd December 2020St Francis Xavier
8:15am – St Mary’s
Jim Mallon (6862)
Friday4th December 20209:15am – St Andrew’s
Monica Fox (6863)
Saturday5th December 20209:15am St Andrew’s
Fr Francis Rice & Elsie Barragon (6987)

Second Sunday of Advent
A Private Intention (6978)
5:30pm Mass celebrated online and at St Andrew’s
Canon Adrian is accepting Mass intentions and offerings during the lockdown period.
Please place in an envelope and post to the presbytery.
Where there is no specific Mass Intention, Mass will still be said.

Anniversaries occurring about this time
29th November Norman Nicholson; 30th November John Gerard Eastham, Bob Billington; 1st December Murray Family; 2nd December Dorothy Duffy, Theresa Acken; 3rd December David Turner, David Hurst; 5th December Angela Cookson, Freda Burns, Julia Fletcher

Saturday Vigil Mass – 5:30pm – 28th November 2020

Public Mass Resumes

St Andrew’s is open for Private Prayer on Monday 30th November and will re-open for public Mass from Wednesday 2nd December. Times as published.

Catholic Voice 0f Lancaster – December 2020

The latest edition of our Diocesan newspaper is available here.

Christmas Mass

All our Christmas Services are over-subscribed and we cannot take any further bookings. We are currently working through the seating at each service and allocating places. We aim to advise everyone who has applied by Monday 7th December.

We plan to stream the 5:30pm and 8:30pm Mass on the 24th December and the 10:30am Mass on the 25th December via out YouTube channel.


The Story of the Nativity

As many of your will be aware, our 5:30pm Christmas Vigil Mass is very popular with Children and they enjoy hearing about the birth of Our Lord.
Unfortunately this year we are unable to hold a children’s Mass. However we have recorded, over the course of four episodes, the story of the Nativity. You can view the first part of the story below. We will release an episode each week for the remaining three Sunday’s of Advent.


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    Owing to the on-going pandemic the parish income has been greatly reduced.
    In the light of this I should be most grateful if parishioners would consider setting up a Standing Order to the parish. 
    If you feel you would like to do this, please email me and I shall forward you the parish account details. 
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    Reflections for the first Sunday of Advent