Public Mass Resumes

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Resumption of Public Mass

Details will be published later in the week in regard to resumption of public Mass at St Andrew’s and St Mary’s.
The first public Mass at St Andrew’s will be the vigil Mass on Saturday 4th July 2020 at 5:30pm, which will also be streamed online.
The first public Mass at St Mary’s will be Sunday 5th July 2020 at 9:00am.
We need stewards to help us when the church is open for Mass. See below for details.

More details to follow.

Opening Times for Private Prayer

St Andrew’s & St Mary’s will be open for prayer at normal Mass times from Saturday 4th July.

Guidance when you Visit St Andrew’s & St Mary’s

The most important thing is that you are very welcome back to St Andrew’s & St Mary’s.

We are delighted that we can open and that visitors can once again visit our beautiful churches.

The guidance below is simply to ensure that you have a safe visit, and that we follow the advice from the government and The Bishops’ Conference.

Please note the is a maximum capacity in the church. Stewards will advise you of the limit.

  • Please do not visit the church if you have any symptoms of COVID-19 including fever, persistent cough or loss of taste or smell.
  • You must not visit if you have been asked to shield or are in self-isolation.
  • Hand sanitisers must be used on entry to, and exit from the church.
  • Follow the one way system and keep 2m apart at all times.
  • Please only sit in the spaces indicated and avoid touching surfaces as best you can.
  • You may light votive candles. However, there will be no tapers or lighters – your candle may only be lit from another candle on the stand. Hand sanitiser must be fully dry before you go near to a flame, as the sanitiser is highly flammable. Please do not touch a candle unless you intend to light it.
  • All booklets and leaflets have been removed from the church. Please do not leave anything behind.
  • Please follow the advice of the stewards who are there for your safety.

Stewards will assist you

The stewards will assist visitors to the church in acting safely during their visit.

The stewards will

  • Ensure no one with cold or flu-like symptoms enters the church
  • Hand sanitation occurs at both entry and exit to the church
  • Social distancing is maintained throughout the visit
  • If capacity is reached they will operate a one in, one out system
  • Sanitise areas that have been occupied
  • Providing help and assistance, always maintaining the government guidance on social distancing.
  • And importantly, a welcome and friendly face to greet people returning to St Andrew’s & St Mary’s or visiting for the first time.

We have the correct PPE and cleaning materials for the stewards.

We still need volunteers!

To keep the church open it is necessary to have additional help from our parishioners.

We need stewards who can help the congregation before and during Mass and also to sanitise the church after Mass. Can you help? If so please complete the form below.

Note: Due to the nature of the role we need to ensure our stewards are safe. This means that those who are isolating for medical reasons and persons over 70 are not suitable for the position at this time.

Are you happy for us to email you in regard to becoming a steward? (required)

When will St MAry’s be open?

St Mary’s will open for Mass from Sunday 5th July.

What Does St Andrew’s Look Like Now?

Floor signage reminding visitors of the requirement to social distance
Pews that can be used are easily identified
Surfaces are clear without any leaflets or other material that could be shared.
One way system through the church
Areas that should not be used are closed off
Closed pews and reminder to keep 2m apart at all times
Two automatic hand sanitisers are located in the porch as you enter the church