Good Knight

Congratulations to Canon Adrian who was invested into the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem as an Ecclesiastic Knight at a ceremony at St Chad’s Cathedral in Birmingham this weekend.

Alongside Canon Adrian, parishioner Michael Laking also joined the order.

The Order

At the heart of the Order is an individual commitment to personal spiritual development with the collective endeavour supporting the Church and Christian people across the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem.

The historical development of the Order is, and now must remain, somewhat obscure. Following the First Crusade, a tradition (approved by Popes) of ceremonially appointing Knights at the Holy Sepulchre developed. However, there was not, through those year, a single organised Order under the protection of the Holy See in the sense it exists today.

The modern Order has been closely aligned with the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, itself re-established in 1847.

Admission to the Order is, of itself an honour, but not an honorific. Investiture marks the start of service, rendered in a particular and special way, to a troubled land, where our prayer and tangible support remains vital.

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The Investiture

Canon Adrian and Michael were invested into the Order at St Chad’s Cathedral in Birmingham.

The service was conducted by Archbishop John Wilson KC*HS, The Grand Prior of the Lieutenancy of England & Wales.

Pictured: John Lord KHS, Michael Laking KHS, Canon Adrian Towers KHS, Michael Cowley KC*HS

Images from the Vigil Service with thanks to the Archdiocese of Birmingham

Vigil Service for Investiture - 25th June 2021

Images from the Investiture Mass with thanks to the Archdiocese of Birmingham

Investiture Mass for the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre

Homily from Most Rev John Wilson KC*HS