Lenten Almsgiving

The Rwanda Group Trust, a registered & local Catholic charity based in Preston, is seeking to raise funds for the poorest of the poor in Rwanda.  The situation in Rwanda is very serious due to Covid 19, lack of vaccine and serious food shortages.

We have in the past provided funds for families to buy a goat, which is highly valued, but which they are now having to sell just to buy food. We are therefore launching a Lenten appeal in which every penny raised will enable families to replace their goats and purchase food. Our charity has no paid employees or overheads.

Goats cost £30 to purchase in Rwanda  –  if you would like further information,  make a donation or help a Rwandan family buy a goat please contact:

www.rwandagrouptrust.blogspot.com  or email

rwandagrouptrust.org@gmail.com  or Telephone

Michael Donlan (Trustee) 07864 990941