James Battersby

Prior to the opening of the annex at St Mary’s John Rider Bisby wrote a brief biography of this fascinating individual.

Click here to read John’s biography about this generous benefactor to St Mary’s.

John Rider Bisby

John Rider Bisby, a parishioner of St Mary’s, compiled the biography of James Battersby and along with his granddaughter Rebecca produced a leaflet which you can download below.

Prior to John’s death, in August 2018, he was able to see the opening of the Annex and its popular use for the children’s liturgy each Sunday.
This was a proud moment for John and his wife Ann, daughter Janet and granddaughter Rebecca.

John was a tireless worker for the parish, the diocese and the Catholic church for many years. 

John’s legacy lives on through the many initiatives that he was involved with. 
Not least the construction of the James Battersby Annex.

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