The Register

The register begun by the Rev. John Lund was, like the following two, a thin book with a stiff paper cover.  It has 32 pages and is the size of an ordinary exercise book. (The others are slightly smaller but one has 44 and the other 94 pages, mostly of baptisms but with some pages at the end reserved for confirmations).

The first page of the register has the title and just two records for that year:

A register of ye baptised at Cottam
by ye Revd John Lund of Cotham

 Catherine Valentine born November 7th and bptzd the same day, daughter of James and Catharine Valentine
     John Hull, son of George Houle and Alice Singleton his wife Baptized ye 18th of Decemr, 1783. Sponsores, John Singleton and Agnes Adkinson

  From then on until 1806 the register continues in full, in the printed copy at least in English, then in Latin from 18th March until 5th June 1799 when it is in English again.  The last entry made by John Lund was on 17th July 1806:

July 17. Mary Kellet Daughter of Leonard Kellet and Ann Fletcher, Conjes Catholici in Catford, was born and bapz’d the same day by me John Lund.    God Father John Kellet.    God Mother Margret Kellet

Conjes (conjuges) Catholici = Catholic husband and wife

Rev Thomas Caton was born in Broughton about 1750 and received his education in Lisbon.  He arrived from Burnley in July 1812 and stayed till his death in 1820 aged 69, being buried in the chapel.  On his arrival he immediately began a new register, as he wrote immediately after the record for Mary Kellet:

July 24, 1812

Owing to Mr Lund’s ill health none were set down after the above. Since July 24 1812, I have set them down in a book of my own.

He began the new book by listing those he had baptised that day ‘sub conditione’ – conditionally, in case the sacrament was not administered properly the first time.  The names given are in their Latinate form.  The next entries begin on 8th September and continue uninterrupted to the end of the registers in 1834.  The average number of baptisms each year appears to be round eight, ranging from about two to eighteen at a rough count, so there must have been many more baptisms needed during 1806-1812.  It seems likely that a number of these would be found in other missions – and possibly even at St Anne’s, the parish church of Woodplumpton, rather than omitted altogether but there may of course also be some which have never been recorded.

1812 Conditional Baptisms (for 1806 – 1812)
Maria Cherry 
Anna Fairclough
Susan Gardner
Margaret Gillow
Anna Gregson
James Hull
Maria Kellet
Anna Latham 
George Swarbrick
Sarah Teebay
Helen Walmsley
A typical record by Mr Thomas Caton in LatinDie 3 Octobris 1813 natus et die 5 baptizatus fuit Thomas Kellet filius Joannis Kellet Catholici et Mariae Kellet Acotholicae (olim Cherry) conjugum in Wood Plumpton. Patrinus Thomas Kellet. Matrina Maria Kellet. a me T. Caton, Misso Aposto.
Born on 3 Oct 1813 and baptised on the 5th was Thomas Kellet, son of John Kellet, Catholic, and Mary Kellet (formerly Cherry), non-Catholic, married couple in Woodplumpton. Godfather Thomas Kellet, Godmother Mary Kellet, by me T. Caton, Missionary Apostolic (Mary more likely than Maria)

From 1812 onwards the record is printed without translation in the Latin version.

Rev Thomas Berry arrived from Crosby, near Liverpool on 25th October 1826 after a short gap after the death of Mr Caton during which the mission was looked after by the Rev Joseph Bryan Marsh of Newhouse.  While there he built the priest’s house (presbytery) adjoining the chapel.  He returned to Great Crosby in 1845, then aged about 79, and died there in 1851 aged 85.

The list of priests – continuing down till the present – is discontinued at this point as civil registration began in 1837.  The registers for St Andrew’s parish continued but the printed copies conclude with the following:

     Die 7 Decembris 1834 nata et die sequenti baptizata fuit Helena Ireland filia Guilielmi et Elizabethae Ireland (olim Parkinson) conjugum. Patrinus fuit Gulielmus Walmsley. Matrina Elizabetha Walmsley. a me Thoma Berry, Misso Aposto.
Born on 7 Dec 1834 and baptised the next day was Helen (or more probably Ellen) Ireland, daughter of William and Elizabeth Ireland (formely Parkinson), married couple. Godfather was William Walmsley. Godmother Elizabeth Walmsley. by me Thomas Berry, Missionary Apostolic.

The register concludes (in Latin with Latinised names) with Confirmations on 29th September, 1825 at Newhouse.  Whether this is a complete list of candidates or only those from the mission at Cottam is not clear.  Those from Newhouse and Fernyhalgh would also be there.

The last Confirmations printed in the CRS records took place at Cottam chapel on 20th June, 1831, this time the Rev Thomas Penswick D.D being named as the Bishop and his Coadjutor, Bishop of Bolina, being the Rev Thomas Smith D.D.

Confirmation Lists

Names where the ‘translation’ is not clear are left in their Latinate form in the first group but have already been anglicised in the second. They are placed in alphabetical order for convenience, not in the order in which they appear, and it cannot be guaranteed that those with the same surname are brothers and sisters or even cousins, though it is of course quite likely.

There are common variants on some of these names which may appear in the same families: Hathornthwaite may be spelt Hawthornthwaite, Hathornwaite, Hawthornwaite etc The spelling in Cottam may be consistent here but different in the next mission or parish, so the following also occur – Fairclough as Fearclough; Beesley as Beasley etc. There is no right or wrong spelling!

The obvious names have been listed in their English form but others where the form is doubtful are left as written: Masculine names usually end in ‘us’ and feminine in ‘a’. Anna (Ann), Maria, (Mary). Thomasina=Thomasin (fem) ‘Margaret’ and ‘Margarita’ both appear here, but Joanna has been changed to the usual Jane, and ‘Aloysia’ to Alice.. Helen is often written Ellin or Elling, or Hellin, the rendering of this name being inconsistent, but the ‘H’ was probably dropped in speech in any case – the confusion over where to use this initial letter could be a throw-back to the French in the early Middle Ages. (In the 19th century it was correct to say ‘an hotel’, presumably dropping the ‘h’ in the French style) Note that’ Gu’ is the Latin and French form of ‘W’, a letter not existing in those languages, so ‘Gulielmus’ is always ‘William’.

Some of the names occur in baptisms from about 14-20 years earlier but no such identification can be proved. Many ‘expected’ names are missing and may appear in the records of another mission or not at all.

Confirmations on Wednesday, 8th September 1813, at Fernyhalgh 

Maria Anderton
Helen Arkwright 
Helen Beesley
Mary Beesley
Anne Billington
Elizabeth Billington
Jane Billington
Richard Billington
James Carter
Elizabeth Clarkson 
Helen Cottam
Edward Crumbleholme
Mary Dewhurst 
Anne Dobson
Elizabeth Dobson
James Dobson
Robert Dobson
William Dobson
John Gregson
Maria Hayes 
Anne Hodson
John Hodson
Agnes Holmes 
John Hubbersty
William Ireland
Jane Kellet 
Mary Kellet
Thomas Kellet
Helen Livesey
Jane Lund
John Miller
Helen Miller
Margaret Miller
Mary Miller
William Miller
John Noblet
Thomas Noblet
Martin Rushton
Alice Sheppard
Jane Sheppard
William Slater
Margaret Swarbrick
Mary Swarbrick
Agnes Turner 
Anne Turner
James Walker 
Jane Walker
Alice Wilcock
Helen Wilcock
James Wilcock
Joseph Wilcock

Confirmations on Saturday, 13th October 1821, at Preston

Margaret Arkwright
Edward Billington
Elizabeth Billington
George Billington
Margaret Billington
William Billington
Anna Caton
John Carter
Maria Carter
Sarah Catteral
Thomas Cornwall
Elizabeth Crook
Lawrence Fairclough
Margaret Fairclough
Maria Hardman
Jane Laurenson
Anna Lee
Maria Livesey
John Lund
Joseph Miller
John Miller
Anna Noblet
James Noblet
Jane Noblet
William Noblet
Alice Parker
Elizabeth Rushton
Anna Swarbrick
Helen Turner
Helen Worden
Maria Worden
Thomasina Worden

Confirmations on Saturday, 24th November 1821, at Fernyhalgh

Edward Billington
Elizabeth Billington
William Billington
Thomas Cornwall
Elizabeth Crook
Francisca* Hawthornthwaite
Maria Hawthornthwaite
William Hawthornthwaite
Elizabeth Melling
Joseph Melling
Elizabeth Poulton
Margaret Poulton
Helena Rushton
John Rushton
Robert Rushton
Joseph Shepherd
Sarah Teebay

‘Francisca’ has a feminine ending but is in the same column as
the boys, so it is not clear whether this is Francis or Frances.

Confirmations on Thursday, 29th September 1825, at Newhouse 

Robert Akers
Henry Beesley
John Beesley
Leonard Beesley
Thomas Beesley
William Beesley 
Richard Billington,
Rachel Fairclough
Helena Fairclough
Catherine Hathornthwaite
Margaret Hathornthwaite
Anna Horn
George Hull
Jane Hull
Anna Kellet
Anna Lang
Francis Melling
Maria Miller
Helena Morton
Margarita Morton
Joseph Noblet
Maria Noblet
Helena Poulton
John Poulton
Hester Rigby
Peter Rushton
Thomas Rushton
Maria Smith
Robert Smith
Maria Southworth
James Teebay
Elizabeth Walker
Joseph Walker
Helena Walmsley
Peter Wearden
Anna Wilcock
William Wilcock
James Wilding. 

Confirmations on Monday, 20th June 1831 at Cottam 

Helen Barnes
Ann Carter
Ann Caton
Mary Caton
Ann Clarkson
Dorothy Clarkson
Elizabeth Cookson
Richard Cookson 
Jane Hathornthwaite
Thomas Hathornthwaite
William Hathornthwaite 
Mary Heaton
Ann Hornby 
Elizabeth Hull
Robert Hull
Thomas Melling
John Middlehurst 
George Noblet
Catherine Rushton
Mary Rushton
John Rushton
John Smith
William Smith
Mary Teebay 
Margaret Thompson
Mary Walker
James Walmsley
William Walmsley
Elizabeth Wilding
Catherine Wilkinson